About Us

A Egyptian company, a pioneer in the field of news services and documentary film production. Some of its films participated in many international festivals and was presented in various international forums.

The company has professional photography teams covering the majority of Yemeni lands, the most important cities and inflamed regions of high news importance in Yemen.

The company employs an elite selection of editors, screenwriters, investigative journalists and field reporters.

The company has a disk that works according to field requirements, customer service, processing and archiving raw materials and providing round-the-clock support for our press teams on the ground, and our clients who benefit from our services.

Over the past fourteen years, we have had successful partnerships, fulfilled difficult commitments, won the trust of our domestic and international clients, and continue to be.

And because we look to the best and believe that the work will be a great and different addition to our business record, we offer you our service inside and outside Yemen.

The company has partnerships with filming services providers in the most important Arab and international capitals. The company has previous filming work in (Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Istanbul, Paris, London, Berlin).

The company also carried out many works in the field of television and documentary production, such as the implementation of human documentary films on violations in Yemen, including (Underage, No Rules, Buried Death, Longer than Leningrad, Without Warning, Evil cultivation, Gambling) Some of these films participated in festivals in Geneva, Chicago, Morocco and France are also presented at the Human Rights Council.

Our documentary films were shown on the most important Arab channels such as (Under age about the crime of recruiting children for war in Yemen), which was shown on Sky News Arabia.

The company produced a huge documentary film on the Yemeni island of Socotra, and the company implemented the Yemeni Tourist Guide 2010, and implemented many motion graphics for Arab and international organizations and destinations such as Transparency Organization, Kuwait University and others.

The company offers the services of providing news materials illustrated from Yemen by more than one photographic team distributed in the most important regions.

Our Team

Abduallah Esmail


Wael Amer

Executive Producer

Baraa Abdullaha

Operations Manager

Mahmoud El Sharawy

Filmmaker & journalist