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TV production and documentation

Hire your company's studio to produce small and medium programs Rental of photographic equipment, montage and accessories Production of documentary films for specialized channels Documentation of events by television or photography Implementation of programs (dialogues, coverage, events, correspondence)


Electronic files about your organization with the latest systems that combine the film Photos, maps, data, and virtual visits in multiple languages Quick presentations on facilities, services and goods Encyclopedias and electronic directories with the latest methods of programming and multimedia Introductory brochures and presentations

Brand build and design and development of brands

We prepare, develop and evaluate trademarks as well as provide advice regarding Management of trademarks. Brand industry and unified identity of companies, institutions and bodies and standardization of the message Media and Advertising The design of the use of LUKO ensures a complete and homogeneous image of color and prints Lines, advertising materials, outdoor and indoor decorations and advertisements of all kinds TV, roads, press, websites, uniforms, etc.

Planning and implementing advertising campaigns

Develop plans and budgets for annual and quarterly campaigns Optimal choice of media to serve the campaign General ideas for each campaign, designs and advertising ideas and projections in the means Required Study the expected effects of the campaign on the target groups of different segments Division of advertising campaigns into (exciting, permanent, advertising, induction and promotional) And Refresher)

Architectural design and decoration

We offer complete interior design and architectural design services with strong and influential design programs Engineering Engineering design for villas, buildings, residential units, tourist and residential cities Engineering design for malls, malls, rest houses and facilities Interior design and decoration 3D visualizations are fixed and animated for all of the above Engineering supervision of the implementation through professional engineers

Making documentary films

Making documentary films



Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

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